Hexy, 20, Czech..
Born to be a hockey fan and to love Tokio Hotel with all my heart..

TV series took my life to another level. Supernatural, Beauty and the Beast, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Pretty Little Liars, Hart of Dixie, Teen Wolf.

Everyday is a great day for hockey. So find some friends, give them a hug because ice hockey exists.

Pittsburgh Penguins own my heart. Whatever it takes, we walk together! I am also a fan of Ottawa Senators , Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche but you'll see almost every hockey team here.

Ales Hemsky is my sunshine and I love him so much.

Tokio Hotel and Beyoncé are my heroes.

We go months without seeing each other, and when we meet again it’s like nothing ever changed. We’ve been a band the past 14 years and we will continue being one the next 14 years. Tom Kaulitz. (About being apart from the G’s)

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Tokio Hotel  - Feel It All, “Kings of Suburbia” album, full

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Tokio Hotel  - Masquerade, “Kings of Suburbia” album, full

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Tokio Hotel - We Found Us, “Kings of Suburbia” album, full

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Actually, before I get into the humor vein, let me just get this out of my system.
A song without meaning and a video only about sex, I saw some calling it.
And, of course, you are very much entitled to your own interpretation.
But, if you ask me, all I see is a song/ video about loneliness.
Do you see how many they were around Bill and how many stayed with him at the end of the video? Yeah. Now try and see it as a metaphor about his own love life.